About Fort Mountain Retreat & Conference Center

Fort Mountain Retreat & Conference Center is the ideal place for your Christain gathering.  We are the perfect location to host Men's Conferences, Women's Conferences, Marriage Retreats, Campus Gatherings, as well as, any other Christian meeting you might imagine.  We are secluded on the summit of Fort Mountain, nestled in the heart of the beautiful North Georgia Mountains.  Our 150 acres consists of Upper and Lower Campuses connected by roads, trails and steps.  

The Upper Campus is our main Conference & Retreat Center campus.  There are three types of housing on this campus:  the four-story Lodge, the three-story Inn and four family cabins.  Meeting rooms and the 400-seat auditorium are available in the three-story Conference Center.  More meeting rooms are located in the Lodge on the first two floors.  

The Lower Campus is home to the Global Institute for Youth Leadership (a college-level school which partners with several Christian universities) and also is available for retreat groups and summer camps.  On this campus is located five three-story dorms, the lower auditorium complex, and a multitude of recreational facilities. 

Global Youth Camps utilize both campuses during the summer. Global Youth Camps are also conducted at other facilities around the world in addition to our home headquarters at Fort Mountain.  

Both campuses feature shared recreational facilities including an indoor pool, playing fields, Riding Stables, Alpine Tower, Miniature Golf Course, Paintball Facility, Blob, Climbing Wall, etc.  We use these activities to train our own ministry candidates; they are also available for your group, and may be used not only for recreation but for unique training opportunities as well.

Global Youth Ministry maintains its international offices on site at Fort Mountain Retreat & Conference Center. Global Youth Ministry is a not-for-profit ministry which provides leadership resources to invest in the world's young people.  By utilizing our facility and staff, you are helping us to train more people to assist with the mission to which we have been called: reaching young people with the Gospel of Hope around the world!  Your presence here helps us to train leaders, and enables us by your generous contributions to send mission staff around the world. We want to share with you what we are doing as we minister to your next group retreat or conference. 

Let’s work together for the sake of the next generation!  For more information about Global Youth Ministry or Global Institute for Youth Leadership please go to:


Fort Mountain Retreat & Conference Center
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